Question:  What size shutters should I get for my windows?  Should they be longer or shorter than the window?

Answer:  For the length, this is a personal preference.  For example, if you would like a functional look, you would measure inside the header down to the window sill.  You can also align the shutters with the exterior trim around your window.  

Question:  Can I paint my shutters?
Answer:  If your shutters are color clear through,  we do not recommend that you paint them.  This will void your warranty.  It is difficult for the paint to adhere to the polypropylene product.  We recommend you order the paintable shutters, which can be painted.

Question:  How do I remove shutter-loks?
Answer:  To remove shutter-loks, they must be cut from behind the shutter using a pair of snips.

Question:  What kind of paint can we use on paintable shutters?
Answer:  For best results, we recommend Sherwin Williams A-100 (which is a 100% acrylic paint).  If painting with a satin or gloss, XIM primer is recommended (which is an oil based primer).

Question:  Do I have to paint my paintable shutter?
Answer:  Yes, otherwise the shutter will turn a greenish/brown color and it will deteriorate as well.

Question:  Do the shutters crack in extreme cold weather, or melt in extremely hot?
Answer:  No, they should not and are under a 40 year warranty in the event that this happens.

Question:  Do our louvered style shutters come with solid louvers that you can't see through?
Answer:  No.  They are an open louver shutter.

Question:  Can all shutter hardware be usen on all shutters?
Answer:  No.  Clips are for master shutters only

Question:  Can I stain my paintable shutter?
Answer:  No,  The stain will not adhere to the shutter surface.