Custom Louver (L2) Straight Top Vinyl Shutters, Center Mullion (Pair)

Starting at $97.08
  • Availability: Ships in 2 - 4 Weeks. No Returns On This Product
  • Shipping: Free UPS Ground
  • Hardware: Shutter-Loks Included
  • Material: Vinyl
Custom Louvered (L2) Straight Top, Center Mullion (004) Wedgewood Blue
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 A more linear, crisp look, this classic louvered shutter offers clean lines throughout. The center horizontal mullion is placed midway between top and bottom for perfect balance. Customize length and width for precisely the look you desire.

Widths: 9-1/4", 12", 14-1/2", 16-1/2", 18" 
Lengths: 18" to 144"
All dimensions are nominal.

Specialty shutters are not returnable.  Please note that actual colors may vary from those shown on screen.

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